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Furniture - Tired of Your Desk Job?

While there aren't a large variety of desks, there are at least a few styles to choose from, including something suitable for the short folk. (The bizarre fir desk is VERY short, coming up to a halfling's knees or thereabouts, and is likely better as a bedside table).

If you're interested in other desk-type objects, make sure to see the Tables page, as several of the bone tables, also make suitable desks.

Click on an image below to see the recipe as well as an enlarged version of the item that indicates relative size compared to a standard book.

Small Alder Desk
Tier 1 Rare
Status: 40
Bone Office Desk
Tier 2 Rare
Status: 60
Bizzare Fir Desk
Tier 3 Rare
Status: 100
Traditional Oak Desk
Tier 4 Rare
Status: 300
Vale Briarwood Desk
Tier 4
Status: 35
Standard Cedar Desk
Tier 5 Rare
Status: 500
Acrylia Desk
Tier 7 Rare
Status: 900
Eucalyptus Office Desk
Tier 9 Rare
Status: 1300
Sumac Office Desk
Tier 9
Status: 250
Sumac Writing Desk
Tier 9
Status: 250
Shadowed Stone Desk
Forgemaster Faction recipe
Status: 175

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