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September 09, 2020 - Sep. 9 Patch

Just a quick note, as I sort of kind of ended up back in the hospital again last Thursday, and just got home again. (Am ok, hurting and exhausted, but ok.)

Added a weapon damage conversion recipe book to several tradeskill book sellers throughout Norrath that may be used to craft damage conversion items that, when applied to a weapon, permanently convert that weapon to deal the applied damage type. These recipes may be crafted with bundles of any harvestable, a single rare or uncommon harvest, as well as a specific fuel that is sold by most general tradeskill fuel sellers.

Watch VERY carefully which ingredients it is grabbing, as it will munch on your ginormous scrap metal or anything else it finds, and you will want to manually choose what it uses for both commons and rares. (BoL roots, anyone?) Just be careful and either manually select everything or disable your supply depot and put the items you want to use up into inventory, k?

Some very fabulous folks, whom I will rave about later, have put together the prelude preview for me, but I am not up to handling the contortions to get it onto a page tonight. Hopefully tomorrow. I am very much out of spoons.

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September 01, 2020 - Mum is Home

I am home. It was a pretty brutal surgery and will be a long recovery (about 2 months) to get healed up and used to the new "normal" (ostomy bag, urostomy bag, etc). BUT I am home and healing and the cancer is GONE. Everything else can wait. Do not expect much coherence for a while. Thanks for all the love and concern. ~Mum

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August 05, 2020 - GU115 Announced

The next Game Update (GU) release has been announced. GU115: Reignite the Flames will be released on August 25. I am not in the beta, I do not know if there is anything of interest on the crafting and housing front, and you should NOT expect any writeup from me until a couple weeks after it goes live. (You will have to rely on each other and the patch notes for details.) I go into the hospital for radical surgery the day before this goes live, and will be in the hospital for "around 10 days" before coming home for 2+ months of recovery. This will also likely mean that the first couple weeks of Days of Summer 2020 may not be documented by me until after the fact, depending on when that event starts.

In other news, Tinkerfest ends in a few more hours, so make sure to get your last minute shopping and pack pony "burping" done!

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July 29, 2020 - Medical Update from Mum

I promised a medical update a couple weeks ago, then had to wait for more definitive news after the experts consulted one more time. If you are interested, you can find out more here.

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July 23, 2020 - Tinkerfest!

I am posting this a few minutes before Tinkerfest 2020 begins on the live and TLE servers. If you are going to quest, remember that you will need to know the gnomish language for some of the quests. Also be aware that there was/is/may be a mitigation issue on Tinkerfest quest mobs if you are level 120. It will not really be an issue for those who have the high potency to do heroics and raids, but for the casual level 120 characters, you may need/want to chronomentor down to 115 or 110. The issue, if it is there, is only for level 120 event mobs. (The fix is not yet patched to Test, and I do not think it made it into the live build in time either.) It should be patched on the 28th, if all else fails.

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