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February 19, 2018 - Adorning Gear

Some folks have recently reported issues with adding adornments to their gear. The issue is easy to work around until they get a fix in. Go into Options (alt-o) > User Interface > Game Windows. The last item in this submenu should be "Manually Select Items to Adorn". Make sure that box is checked and then Accept to save the changes. Now you should be able to apply adornments to your gear once again.

Also, a quick note that there are still issues with the A Restitch in Time: Rebirth" daily tradeskill mission. The bug was caught and fixed, but we have not had a patch since then. It should be fixed with the next patch.

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February 15, 2018 - More on Part 1 (Innovation)

First off, Gninja has this to say about the issue with the wheels in the Security Measures (part 1) sig line. In addition to his response there, he has since said that they have a fix and are testing it now. If all goes well, it will be in the patch next week.

Secondly, the sound quality is HORRID (I have a new headset/mic on order), but I have a walk-through of Plane of Innovation: Security Measures for you. It is my first published video, and while there's room for improvement, it at least lets those who work better with visual cues, rather than written ones, get a feel for the zone.

Updates: The wheels in Innovation should be working due to the hotfix. Also, at about 11 p.m. Pacific tonight (Thursday), or a few moments after, the following link should be live for a no-voice run through the Shard of Hate Tradeskill instance, for folks who want to get a feel for the mechanics of it before my new headset arrives this weekend. (Time and link changed because YouTube ate it after the 30-minute upload was done.)

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February 14, 2018 - Innovation Issues

There are two possible issues with Innovation and crafting right now - one with the sig line and one with the Innovation mission that has been offered today. These issues do not hit everyone, or even a majority of the players, but they are, unfortunately hitting people, and I know it is causing a lot of frustration and upset for everyone (players and dev team alike).

With the sig line, some folks are not able to turn the wheels in the control room to input the code. It is some issue with objects losing connection to art or somesuch, and I have no information on when/how that will be fixed. For some, a reset of the zone may do the trick, others have not been so lucky.

With the Innovation mission, sometimes it gets partway through the code collection stage and decides to reset you back to needing to craft parts and repair the hackbot. They have found the issue with that and a fix will go in with the next patch. A deletion of the mission and a reset of the zone may/may not fix the issue for you. Otherwise, the only short-term suggestion is to wait for a fresh mission to be offered.

All I can say at this point is that they are aware of the issues and are working on fixing them. I will likely drop some chat channels until things settle down, as all the secondhand negativity is impacting me, too.

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February 13, 2018 - GU 105!

Game Update 105 goes live in a few short hours. I have been burning the candle at both ends, but am grabbing a couple more hours of sleep before starting in on the quest writeups again. You will find the A Stitch In Time article contains links to the various tradeskill quests for the signature line as well as the dailies and weekly that unlock once you are done. (There is little information about the dailies yet, and we will be figuring out the cycle and such once it is live.) It also contains brief information about the new cut-out building blocks and known bugs affecting two of the 130-some new blocks. More later. Really. I will add an update paragraph to this post when I am back to working on the writeups. Once I am done, if I have any braincells left at all, I will attempt to re-record the video walkthroughs that I created while this was on Test. There were just too many last-minute nigglies that did not make it into the videos, so I need to redo them instead of publishing the ones that I made. no promises, though, on when those will be ready, though I admit they will be hugely helpful for the easily lost.

Update: The walkthrough guides for the sig line are done, the screenshots for the cut-out blocks are currently residing on the Stitch in Time page linked above until I can fuss with the furniture gallery. After lunch I will flesh out the missions page with details on today's daily as well as information on what to do with the stones that the weekly will award you. Happy questing, folks!

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February 08, 2018 - A Stitch In Time

This speaks for itself. More after sleep, real-life medical stuff, etc.

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