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August 22, 2016 - GU101!

At the time of this posting, Game Update 101 releases in a few hours. (7 a.m. Pacific on Tuesday.) The full patch notes can be found here.

I would like to go into a bit of detail about this one line:

You can now remove your own access from another character’s house.
Basically, this is for people who have gone to their guild housing portal in the past and been hit with what seems to be a mile-long access list for various friends, acquaintances and what have you that have added you to visitor, friend or trustee access in their home. Some of them may not even play anymore, which means you cannot just ask them to remove you when your need for access is done. Below are the various methods in which you will be able to remove your access from their home. (I personally recommend, if the list is a long one, to take notes on names and locations in advance.)
  1. Head to the home from the guild housing portal and remove your access from the housing panel inside their home. This can be a pain if you have to pay their rent first, but is a good alternative if you are a low-level squishie and the home is the city of the opposing faction. However, it also means a lot of running in circles, so if you are NOT squishy, you will want that list I just recommended.
  2. Head to the outside door to the home - this is really recommended, if, for example, several homes that you want to remove your access to are prestige homes in Qeynos or Freeport. For this example, let us say there are 10 folks in Qeynos prestige housing that gave me access to their homes, and one at 4 Bayle Court in South Qeynos. Scamper up to the door of 4 Bayle, right-click the door and select visit. Find the correct name on the list, click access, find the "Remove access" button on the window that pops up. Boom, done. Scamper to the Qeynos prestige housing portal. Select visit for the housing type for the first home on my list, find the right name, click to visit, remove access. Boom. Rinse and repeat.
You will still need to do several steps per home, but it will save a ton of time and a ton of zoning, if you have several homes to remove in the same city.

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August 06, 2016 - LON Reminder

Just a reminder that Legends of Norrath will close down for good on the 17th of this month. Please make sure to claim and open any packs that you may have waiting for you via the standalone client before noon Pacific on that day. (You can use the link above, and use the Play Now! button on the home page to download the standalone client if you need it.)

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August 04, 2016 - GU101 Waiting in the Wings

Game Update 101 is due to arrive on August 23, with new fabled dungeons, new level 10 to 100 agnostic dungeons and more. If you want to test this new content it is available on the Test and Beta servers.

On the non-adventuring side, decorators and the like may like this tiny bit gleaned from the Test/Beta patch notes:

You can now remove your own access from another character’s house.
That should help you trim down your access lists at guild housing portals, so you can remove your access from the homes of inactive players. (Note that this is part of GU101, so will not be on the live servers until August 23.)

For those confused about the difference between Test and Beta here is a bit of an explanation. Test is a permanent population, where folks level up the normal way while playing guinea pig for new content. They usually get to see the new content first, but they also have to deal with bug reports, stuff that is oddly broken, and so on, on a regular basis. The Beta server is opened up to the public when something big needs extra testing, and often allows you to copy your chosen characters over so you can test with skills familiar to you. It will often allow level buffing as well. Characters on Beta can be wiped (deleted) whenever Daybreak deems necessary. What happens on Beta to your copied character has no bearing on the character it was copied from - you do not get to "keep" any extra levels you earn and so on.

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July 20, 2016 - Tinkerfest 2016!

In a few short hours, the annual Tinkerfest event will begin. Those who have been asking for more of the Agnor and Gnormajean tale will find that the preview now contains a bit of a short story regarding to the two of them. It may not be as polished as I'd like, but I am just happy that my arthritic hands allowed me to type even this much! Without further ado: Tinkerfest 2016: Windows to Her Heart

UPDATE: I almost forgot to link in the Tinkerfest Quest Tracker spreadsheet that Casdoe provided us with. It has now been linked into the quest section of the Tinkerfest preview. Thanks again, Casdoe!

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July 14, 2016 - Tinkerfest Stuff

Tinkerfest is coming next week, the goodies are on Test right now being tested. I am ... having some pain issues. The story may or may not arrive before the event goes live, the rest of the preview is unpolished still, but, for those wanting the eye-candy, the pics are up at least. Tinkerfest 2016

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