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March 25, 2015 - Coming Soon(TM)

Bristlebane Day begins on Friday. Yep, the season of event mania is headed for the finish line, more or less. While I have had the eye-candy ready for almost two weeks, the muse and I have been working on hashing out on a slightly grander scale than usual, and the story is not ready to publish yet. Hopefully I will have it done late today. If not, you will have to wait until tomorrow for the story Godlike Pranking, but you can use that link now to see the new items. The tinyurl if you need to share it for any reason in chat channels is http://tinyurl.com/eq2bristlebane

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March 19, 2015 - Chronoportals 2015

Just a reminder that the Chronoportals event only lasts a week, so if you want any of the Chronoportals House Items, you should set aside some time to run the instances. Remember to grab the new quest from above the docks in the Commonlands, first, for an extra reward. (With danger, you can sneak even a low-level alt into the instances to grab the new quest updates, even if you are unable to do the rest of the combat.)

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March 17, 2015 - This and That

There have been a couple changes/fixes in regards to the new food and drink that was added on March 10. On the fix front, the blood oranges in T8 have been added to the T8 shrub nodes. On the changes front, the T10 and T11 food and drink have had crit chance added to the stats. The article on primordial adornments and rare food/drink has been updated with the new examine info for the T10/T11 food and drink.

The annual chronoportal event, which is a bow to the anniversary of EverQuest, will begin on the 19th. While this is an utterly crafting-free event, there are quite a few heirloom house items to scrounge, including a few new ones this year. While I initially just did a page for the new items from the event, I added all the chronoportal house items to it. Enjoy!

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March 10, 2015 - Harvesting Squirreliness

Harvesting nodes in Tranquil and Phantom Sea are currently disabled due to a crash issue. They are working on it. Harvesting shrubs in Kunark is giving an incorrect rare in place of the new food rare.

Did Friday the 13th come early?

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March 09, 2015 - Incoming Tradeskill Stuff

This just hit Test late this afternoon, and will go live in the morning. So, um, I am running around like a very very grumpy redhead on Test trying to harvest enough of these new ultra rares to test anything.

Two versions of the Tradesman's Satchel will be added to the marketplace shortly after this update. When unpacked in your inventory these satchels will grant a large amount of common harvestable resources as well as a chance at bonus items. Possible bonus items include spellshards/foundations for the appropriate tier as well as new components used in the crafting of new and powerful white adornments that grow in power as you level. Recipes for these new adornments may be purchased off of adornment recipe merchants.
Rare Provisioner Harvests have been added to garden nodes of all types, recipes that use these new harvests have been added to existing recipe books at level 1 and 10, and new Advanced Provisioner recipe books which can be purchased from any recipe vendor.

Update: I have been at this nonstop (other than 5 minutes for dinner) ever since we realized that this was slipped onto Test today, and have been unable to verify more than 10% of the new rare/ultra-rare harvests, which means I only got to test that many of the recipes, too. If you want to know what details we know on them, I have put together a page here: http://tinyurl.com/eq2primordial.

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