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September 26, 2017 - Days of Summer, Week 9

The final quest in the Days of Summer questline has unlocked, and the quest guide has been updated. Go get your quest done and get your Mara Estate deed! :D

I want to make sure folks don't miss the following information from Daybreak:

The Days of Summer will come to an end on Monday, October 2nd at 11:59PM PT. After this date passes, you will no longer be able to complete Yun Zi's quests. The ambling tradesbear himself will be sticking around past the end of summer, but make sure you've wrapped up all your summer questing before it's too late!

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September 21, 2017 - Work In Progress

Decorators randomly ask what the back side of various paintings look like, as they try to get extra creative with their decor. This page will be in-progress for a while, but here is the first look at a Painting Backs page. It is NOT yet properly linked in to the furniture menu and such. Soon, grasshoppers, soon.

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September 20, 2017 - And MORE Stuff!

We may still be trying to decipher a new hidden NoTD achievement series over on Test, but I still have more other NoTD goodies to tell you about. It seems someone stealthily added new rewards for the person throwing pumpkin bombs, not just for the folks who gobble up the resulting pumpkins. This includes a new flying mount with some decent stats, and a rather ... different ... look. More details are at the bottom of the NoTD 2017 preview article.

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September 19, 2017 - Stuff, And Things!

First - you have two weeks left on the Days of Summer event. Make sure to get caught up on the quests during that time, as it sounds like the panda may stay around as a vendor, but not offer his quests anymore once the 9th week is over with. (We are at the start of week 8 now.)

Second - the September Producers Letter has been released, and includes information on the expansion, name purges and other stuff. You can read it here.

Third - the expansion prelude event has started. Check your in-game mail for more details, as you will earn a bauble the boost an ascension level from level 10 to 11. (Even those who are not level 100 may want to earn it and squirrel it away for the future.)

Fourth - Has anyone seen my brain? It has been leaking out my ears again as the busy event season for the site ramps up. Thankfully, the Nights of the Dead testing is down to a few little nigglies to test/retest, so I may have time to get some/most of the alt army through the prelude event before NoTD goes live and/or the expansion beta hits.

Update: The quest trackers have been updated on the Nights of the Dead 2017 Preview - thanks again Casdoe!

Update 2: The server that handles currency and account-wide flags is being a bit flaky right now, so you will see issues with loyalty tasks/tokens, and Days of Summer flags. (Many folks reporting that once they finish Week 8, their alts are not able to buy the week 8 items.) Credit for the event "should" show up once they get the issue resolved.

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September 14, 2017 - Tiny Update

The Nights of the Dead 2017 article has been updated to include the Hinged Vampiric Mirror (acts as a door) to the buyables section, and the stats for the deadly terra-widow familiar to the gravedigging section.

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