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September 17, 2014 - NoTD on Test

Nights of the Dead is being tested on the Test server right now. There is no story ready yet, but you can check out the eye-candy here.

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September 15, 2014 - EQ2 Insider Last Week

For those who missed the EQ2 Insider livestream last week, there were several items in it that touched on tradeskills, including Domino temporarily returning to work on tradeskill quests in the Altar of Malice expansion, apprentice research for grandmaster spells (also with the expansion), and a sneak peek at Nights of the Dead goodies. No time to listen to the entire podcast? No worries! Ten Ton Hammer has a summary.

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September 08, 2014 - T10 Notebooks Being Fixed!

Yay! This is from the patch notes for tomorrow m*rning:

Reptile Hide Notebook and Bear Hide Notebook are now working properly to be player-made books, and can be read, or written in.

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September 02, 2014 - Patch Tomorrow

The following comes from the patch notes for tomorrow. It isn't clear, but this may pertain to all adornments (including crafted ones).

WEEKLY FEATURE Collection items and adornments now sell for status to specific status merchants!

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August 24, 2014 - Member-Only Double XP Extended a Day

Due to network issues earlier today, the member-only double xp weekend is being extended a day. Enjoy!

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