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July 02, 2015 - Marketplace Sale & Double XP

There is a Marketplace sale going on for the weekend, along with a double xp (adventure, tradeskill, AA weekend for members). Enjoy!

I also have a bare-bones Tinkerfest items sneak peek up. It will turn into a full preview sometime between now and the 17th, when the event goes live. (I am still poking at things on the Test server, trying to get the new titles nailed down, etc.)

Update: The Gorowyn City Festival also has two new offerings this month, so grab them before July 7 if you want them!
Gorowyn Vault
Pink Windcloth Lantern

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May 06, 2015 - Release the Quacken!

Ok, so I am a day late, and more than a dollar short, but duck mounts were released for purchase yesterday. While three of them are staying around, the Quacken is going to fly out of the Marketplace at noon Pacific on May 19. Read more here.

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April 28, 2015 - Arrrrrrrr!

The patch today (which is running long due to the pirates being a bit feisty) includes quite a bit of yumminess. In addition to the Rum Cellar campaign being available for purchase, there are the long-awaited summoner improvements/changes. The ability to remove abilities from the middle of your AA tree without having to roll back the full tree is really nice for all-access members, too. You can read about that and more here, in the patch notes.

This is a tradeskill site, however, and you are here to check out any tradeskill goodness. Well, tradeskill goodness you shall have!

  • Ammo has been added to Weaponsmith Essentials Volume 100.
  • Tradeskillers that have finished Final Assessment in the Altar of Malice tradeskill questline can now fly near Malvonicus' tower.
  • Far Seas Innovation will now drop level appropriate rares for level 90-95 or level 96+ tradeskillers.
  • Pack Pony, Gathering Goblin, and Guildhall harvesters will now return less fish, more roots.
  • Tradeskill progress required for recipes completion has been equalized in most cases.
  • Guildhall Harvesters have had their dialog list shortened.
  • Londiar Inygad now offers daily transmuting and tinkering quests.
On that last one, if the name does not seem familiar, the Adorning Daily NPC in every crafting society (unscramble his name, and yes, it is Adorning Daily) now offers adorning, tinkering and transmuting dailies.

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March 30, 2015 - Small Updates

The Harvesting Tools Quick Reference guide has finally been updated to reflect the change from a 5-second base harvesting speed to a 3-second base harvesting speed, plus the resulting changes to harvesting tool speeds, and the levels on the tinkered tools. Mea culpa on it taking this long to get around to it. The Node Knows harvesting guide has now been updated to include rare food harvests in the main table, plus has had another table added to list out the names of the primordial fragments and spellshards/foundations for each tier.

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March 27, 2015 - Bristlebane Day and Mischievous Muses

The Bristlebane Day event began several hours ago, the sky is slowly brightening into daylight here in Southern California ... and I have not yet slept.

For several weeks now, I had been plotting and planning a very specific story for Bristlebane Day. However, it was all in my head, with none of it written down.

No worries, right? One of my college English teachers told me that I wrote my best short fiction under pressure, and there was plenty of time to let the ideas roll around in my head as I refined little bits and pieces.

Then, suddenly, time compressed, and I had only two days before Bristlebane Day 2015 was to launch. No problem - I could start writing as soon as I returned from my weekly visit to the chiropractor and finish with over a day to spare - right? Only I returned home to find that the April 1 events were turned on for the Test server, and there was a new quest, a new achievement, and new rewards to test out.

And then it was Thursday, and I woke up feeling like a saber-toothed frog had taken up residence in my throat. A visit from my acupuncturist managed to chase the frog out before he got too comfortable in there, but I still needed a nap before the Muse was willing to come out to play.

Oh what a romp the Muse decided to take! I suspect that this is my longest Niami story ever, with over 9400 words to it before I dropped it into the site editing window and began final editing and formatting. The length seems rather fitting, since it is her most convoluted prank yet.

As usual, the impatient can scroll down past the horizontal rule on Bristlebane Day 2015: Godlike Pranking to check out just the new stuff without the extra more meaty "gravy" of a story.

Nix that. The impatient already ignored all of this sleepy babble, and just clicked on the link anyway. Ah well, they can figure it out for themselves ...

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