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August 24, 2014 - Member-Only Double XP Extended a Day

Due to network issues earlier today, the member-only double xp weekend is being extended a day. Enjoy!

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August 20, 2014 - One More Note About Grotto Goodness

The following are the new items that were added to the vendors in the various grottos today:

  • Enchanted Brownie Grotto (Darklight Woods) - Small Blueleaf Sapling, Misty Goldleaf Sapling, Verdant Goldleaf Sapling, Small Russet Blueleaf Sapling, Verdant Goldleaf Seedling
  • Enchanted Dryad Grotto (Antonica) - Misty Vesspyr Bellplant, Small Blueleaf Seedling, Small Misty Vesspyr Bellplant, Young Darkleaf Sapling, Young Misty Darkleaf Sapling
  • Enchanted Fay Grotto (Greater Faydark) - Lavender Shrub, Greying Shrub, Forest Emerald Seedling, Broadleaf Plant, Blueleaf Hanging Tendril
  • Enchanted Naiad Grotto (Enchanted Lands) - Blueleaf Shrub, Misty Emerald Seedling, Misty Hanging Tendril, Small Verdant Blueleaf Sapling, Small Verdant Blueleaf Seedling
  • Enchanted Zygomid Grotto (Nektulos Forest) - Large Vesspyr Grass, Lavender Hanging Tendril, Lavender Vesspyr Bellplant, Small Lavender Vesspyr Bellplant, Small Misty Blueleaf Sapling

Edit: The twenty-five (five in each instance) new images are now on their appropriate grotto page above.

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August 19, 2014 - Shinies Beneath the Moonlight

If you logged on today, you may have been surprised to receive the Shinies Beneath the Moonlight achievement regardless of if you had completed the five Enchanted Grottos collections or not. Enjoy your lovely new Moonlit Mushroom Ring! This replica (NOT a functional port, just a replica) is yours to keep. They'll fix it soon so that going forward it will properly check for the completion of those five collections, but it is not a huge game-breaker if some folks get their rings a bit earlier than they should have. :)

I will be staying up late this evening to make a master list of which new items are in which grotto instance, and will update the pages linked to the main Moonlight Enchantments page accordingly, but I will likely not get all the new screenshots in place until sometime during the day tomorrow.

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August 18, 2014 - Grotto Reminder and More

Notes from SOELive will be linked to this post later tonight. Meanwhile, I have a quick, but VERY yummy reminder for everyone. The Producers Letter last month promised new grotto goodies this month. Be sure not to miss out on Aug 20-21, the brand new grotto goodness that will include not only a "Shinies in the Moonlight" achievement for completing all of the grotto collections (retroactive for those who have already completed them), but at leave 5 new items in each grotto. Here is a teaser that we were given, that includes a few of them. Um I am in serious danger of shorting out this borrowed laptop with all the drool here ... how about you folks?

EDIT: As promised, here is a quick bunch of notes from SOELive 2014

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August 08, 2014 - SOELive Health and Safety

Are you attending SOELive next weekend? If so, the House Ogre and I will see you there! I have a few short health and safety recommendations before you leave, though.

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