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April 19, 2018 - Moonlight Mania!

As was mentioned last week, tonight sees the release of 52 new items for the monthly 2-day Moonlight Enchantments event on all servers. After taking a look at the old Moonlight Enchantments pages for each zone, however, I realized that the pictures on the pages were taken over several years by several people, and it made the pages look very ... sloppy. Counting the new items, I am currently juggling over 200 fresh screenshots on my hard drive and am redoing the individual grotto pages for consistency. I am also using 300x300 images now, instead of 200x200, so that they show a bit more detail. The page for the Enchanted Dryad Grotto in Antonica has now been revamped, and I am working on the others now.

Created By: Niami Denmother          

April 11, 2018 - New Grotto Goodness!!

April 20 and 21 will see 52 new house items arrive for the monthly Moonlight Enchantments event. Come see the new eye-candy!

Created By: Niami Denmother          

March 29, 2018 - Bristlebane Day Has Arrived!

Bristlebane Day 2018 has arrived, and pranks and mischief abound! (And, of course, Beast'r is still running as well, just to keep everyone extra busy!) Enjoy the merriment, and be sure to set aside some time on April 1 or 2, if possible, for the special High Silly Day happenings!

Created By: Niami Denmother          

March 27, 2018 - Crash Issues

There were crash issues after the patch today and the DBG folks have been hard at work chasing it down. Maj'Dul has been brought up to see if the issue has resolved, and once it is deemed stable, they will unlock the other servers. Meanwhile, I know there have been reports that Beast'r did not start as scheduled. I will add an update once I know more.

UPDATE: The servers are back up and the event is live. Happy egg hunting!

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March 21, 2018 - Bristlebane Day and More

First, Bristlebane Day is on Test. Yes, I have the eye-candy for you already. The article needs fleshing out, and I will try to pull the story out of my brain before the event goes live as well.

The issue with player-written notebooks (which also affects signs) will be patched on Tuesday the 27th. Until then, you risk overwriting the contents of your player-written book if you pick it up, pack it, unpack it, sell it or buy it when there is another notebook (either blank or a different title) in the target container that uses the same cover. So tread VERY carefully if you have to use player-written books before next Tuesday. When in doubt, leave them exactly where they are at this moment, and do not touch them again until Tuesday.

Created By: Niami Denmother          

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