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November 23, 2015 - Tuesday Update

Here is the chunk of the Tuesday morning patch notes of interest to crafters and decorators:

  • Dhalgar Precipice of the Deep house portals now also have an appearance for good aligned homes.
  • Adjusted the spawn points on some tradeskill collectibles that were floating in the air or colliding with other objects.
  • Thaumic material should now correctly display as level 100.
  • Adjusted spawns of a couple bush harvests in Thalumbra.
  • Weaponsmith recipes for malduran bodkin arrows and broadhead arrows now make the correct arrows.
  • Harvest goblins and gatherers should no longer trap quite so many pelts.
  • Guildhall tradeskill writgivers will now correctly complete level 100 rush orders.
  • Overclocked Automated Combine Harvester will now display the correct stats for characters of all levels.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented gear dropped in the new agnostic dungeons from being salvaged.
  • The guildhall tradeskill writgiver now offers jewelers level 100 writs.
  • Martial deepstone cloak and mitigating deepstone cloak are now correctly crafted on sewing tables .
  • Fixed some typos in tradeskill quest/item dialog.

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November 23, 2015 - ToT and Tiers

I have seen a lot of comments back and forth about ToT being a new tier. The best explanation I have come up with, to save confusion the next time there is a level cap increase and new gear is: "Consider it a side-trip in the progression, not a new tier." This helps explain why there are no new spells, no new white adornments, etc., as well as why there are old level 100 recipes and new level 100 recipes. :D

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November 20, 2015 - Dhalgar Furniture

I have now added a page for the Dhalgar Blocks that can be made from the recipes granted by the Collector and Premium edition of the ToT expansion.

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November 18, 2015 - Fishy Shinies?

Still a lot on my plate, including linking things into the proper sections on the main site, updating the furniture gallery, etc., but here is a small bit for today. Fish nodes in Thalumbra yield shinies for five different plushie collections, plus a meta collection from the hand-in of the five. I only have two of the collections finished so far, so the page is not complete, but I have blown the dust off the Cobalt Scar fish page and turned it into Fishy Shinies

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November 17, 2015 - Terrors of Thalumbra Launch

Are you ready to learn more about the underground world that caused the golems and clockworks to appear during the Sundered Ground prelude event? To meet dhalgar and gnemlin and learn crafting techniques that have flourished here during the centuries of no contact with us? While you wait for the servers to come back from the expansion patch, check out the Terrors of Thalumbra Crafting Information Clearinghouse. You might also want to peek at the patch notes over on the Daybreak forums. (Note that the notes forget to mention the rosewood building block set, which was also updated during beta, but it should be ready and waiting in the proper carpenter books.)

As is usual, there are likely a few things that were forgotten or missed in my preview, and they will get updated as I trip over them. If you find something awry, please post to my forums.

Happy exploring, folks, and watch out for all those things with tentacles near the water ... lots of tentacles.

UPDATE: Servers are opening up now!

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