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T11 Food and Drink Progression

Tier 11 food and drink requires level 96-100 resources that are harvested in the Altar of Malice zones (Phantom Sea and Tranquil Sea). Each recipe requires 25 effulgent kindling and yields 10 of the item. There are no rare recipes for this tier. Since food and drink stats scale based on your level, you will receive the maximum benefit from foods and drinks that are equal to or less than your level.

Level 96, duration: 5 hr 38 min*
Blended Hylocereus SmoothieSTR/STA/Mit/Max Health
Handama BitterINT/STA/Max Health/Potency
Handama Iced TeaAGI/STA/Max Health/Weapon Damage/Spell Weapon Damage
Sulfur SmoothieWIS/STA/Max Health/Potency
Far Seas HardtackAGI/STA/Crit Bonus/Crit Chance/td>
Handama WrapWIS/STA/Potency/Crit Chance/td>
Salt Crusted JerkySTR/STA/Dodge/Crit Chance/td>
Spiced Fruit SaladINT/STA/Potency/Crit Chance/td>
Level 97, duration: 34 min*
Cultist Plum WineWIS/STA/Max Health/Potency
Handama Black TeaAGI/STA/Max Health/Weapon Damage/Spell Weapon Damage
Hylocereus Fruit JuiceINT/STA/Max Health/Potency
Kith Pepper SmoothieSTR/STA/Mit/Max Health
Dried Thresher StickSTR/STA/Dodge/Crit Chance
Ferrin's Shark SouffleAGI/STA/Crit Bonus/Crit Chance
Refuge WrapWIS/STA/Potency/Crit Chance
Kithicor CakeINT/STA/Potency/Crit Chance
Level 98, duration: 5 hr 38 min*
Hylocereus PalkinkaINT/STA/Max Health/Potency
Sulfur SqueezeSTR/STA/Mit/Max Health
Tranquil Herb TeaAGI/STA/Max Health/Weapon Damage/Spell Weapon Damage
Tranquil Sea TequilaWIS/STA/Max Health/Potency
Fin KabobAGI/STA/Crit Bonus/Crit Chance
Phantom FilletINT/STA/Potency/Crit Chance
Phantom Sea JumbleWIS/STA/Potency/Crit Chance
Thresher Fin SoupSTR/STA/Dodge/Crit Chance
Level 99, duration: 34 min*
Allu'thoa Black LabelSTR/STA/Mit/Max Health
BilgewaterWIS/STA/Max Health/Potency
IcariineINT/STA/Max Health/Potency
Kith Spiced RumAGI/STA/Max Health/Weapon Damage/Spell Weapon Damage
Prepared DreadfruitAGI/STA/Crit Bonus/Crit Chance
Sulfur SalsaSTR/STA/Dodge/Crit Chance
Urzarach CurryINT/STA/Potency/Crit Chance
Zombified ThresherWIS/STA/Potency/Crit Chance
Level 100, duration: 34 min*
Brokenskull Private ReserveAGI/STA/Max Health/Weapon Damage/Spell Weapon Damage
Highhold Frost LagerSTR/STA/Mit/Max Health
Malice MeadWIS/STA/Max Health/Potency
Sanguine BlancINT/STA/Max Health/Potency
Allu'thoa Pepper PufferINT/STA/Potency/Crit Chance
Peppered Thresher SteakSTR/STA/Mit/Max Health
Stewed PepperAGI/STA/Crit Bonus/Crit Chance
Tortured SurimiWIS/STA/Potency/Crit Chance
Level 100, duration: 5 hr 38 min*
Highhold Sour ToddyWIS/STA/Max Health/Potency
Sulfur CiderSTR/STA/Mit/Max Health
Sulfur TepacheINT/STA/Max Health/Potency
Tranquil ToutouAGI/STA/Max Health/Weapon Damage/Spell Weapon Damage
Bunker Family MeatballAGI/STA/Crit Bonus/Crit Chance
Cerodon PieWIS/STA/Potency/Crit Chance
Handama Wrapped FilletSTR/STA/Dodge/Crit Chance
Pterodon Club SandwichINT/STA/Potency/Crit Chance

*Actual food and drink durations will vary based on racial attributes and achievements

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